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Family Dentistry

Why choose Naas Dental Centre?


When choosing the right dental practice for you and your family, you need to ensure that the dentist you put your trust in has expertise, skill and understanding along with an in-dept knowledge of cutting edge technology that every family deserves, all under one roof.

We have provided comprehensive general and preventative dentistry to patients of all ages for many years and our aim is to ensure that your family’s dental experiences with us are pleasant and successful ones. 

We understand that children can be apprehensive about visiting the dentist and ideally your child’s first dental visit will happen at a time when they are not experiencing pain, therefore allowing them to associate a visit to the dentist  as a positive, interesting experience.

Your child’s dental exam allows us to determine if further guidance is required regarding cleaning methods. It also gives us the opportunity to prevent the possible need for orthodontic procedures through the preventative measure of space maintainers and advice re habit forming negative actions. Sometimes it may be necessary to apply fluoride treatments or dental sealants to prevent possible impending tooth decay, as fluoride applications strengthens enamel and sealants create a barrier between decay causing bacteria and teeth.